Welcome to the New Kollari.com

24 Feb 2017

Just as we were recently proud to be able to open the doors of our brand new, and acoustically-engineered facility, we are equally excited to share with you our new website – devoted to the students, friends, and families of the Kollari Institute of Music community.

If you have found us online, and this is your first introduction to our music school, allow us to take the opportunity to tell you what we’re all about.

To create, one must first imagine. To imagine, one must first learn to see, listen, feel, and perceive.

Music is the cornerstone of education in the broadest sense. Music opens our eyes and ears, as it develops and transform us personally. It connects us emotionally with others, and offers a universal bridge of understanding in a troubled world. Music plays a lifetime role as a child develops into adulthood, and helps us integrate body, mind, and spirit, as we forge bonds with others. It encourage us to explore who we are and what we stand for, and inspires us to discover our “better angels” as individuals in society. Through music we can overcome barriers of language, age, and geography to assert our essential humanity. Music is a beacon of freedom and common cause, and has been a force that has shaped the world, reasserting the universal rights of the human spirit whenever and wherever they are threatened.

From the first soothing sounds of a mother’s lullaby to the bright colours and comforting touch of a favourite blanket or toy, through music, the miraculous world of infancy begins to open up. Babies react to sights and sounds around them, connecting emotions and meanings to what they see and hear. Soon they interact with the outer world as they enter a creative phase of imitating external sounds, rhythms, movements, smiles, gestures.  Music helps wire and integrate young brains for lifelong learning – energizing and connecting the body, mind, and emotions. An instinctive love for music is first fostered through nursery rhymes and singing.

Music is at the heart of every child. And music must be at the heart of education.

If we choose to ignore children’s basic instincts for music at early ages, or fail to nourish their innate love of the arts throughout their education as they mature, we will as a society have “missed the beat” and “missed the boat.” The ancient Greeks knew the value of arts in education. Aristotle thought the cornerstones of education should be music for the mind and spirit and gymnastics for the body.

These are the principles that drive our instructional process at The Kollari Institute of Music as we work with our students.

Contact us today to discover the joy of learning music for yourself or your children. We can’t wait to meet you and help you grow.