Richmond Hill Music School – Music Lessons in Richmond Hill: Performing

23 Feb 2019

At the Kollari Institute of Music, we strongly believe that performance is the key to success. We encourage all prospective parents and students to visit the Institute in person as it will allow you to see this belief in practice. Our school is centred around our Concert Hall, which is always bustling with live performances, and unique expressions of creativity brought by our students.

Kollari Students are encouraged to perform at any age and level. We believe that through performing, students maintain their motivation. This occurs through setting consistent, small goals that build self efficacy. Performing also builds self confidence and esteem by repeatedly pushing through feelings of fear or anxiety. In this process, students also learn a valuable and life long skill of knowing how to cope with nerves.

Performing is key to our curriculum because we see the benefits of it in our students on a daily basis. We are confident that learning to play a musical instrument, but also learning in a performance culture, will be highly beneficial to your child. Start your musical journey with us today by enrolling in music lessons at our studio location in Richmond Hill or the Institute in Vaughan.

For music lessons in Richmond Hill, call 905-237-3111.

For music lessons in Vaughan, call 905-832-9980.

You may also register online or by emailing us. We look forward to meeting you in person.