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Directors Mimosa and Yevi designed the Kollari programs with every type of learner in mind, and knowing that every student is individualistic in how they learn, all Kollari instructors approach the music lesson in a way that is unique to each student. Kollari students range from beginners to advanced (many of our students have gone on to receive their certification and become instructors themselves!), and Kollari makes sure that with their personalized learning plans, they receive an educational experience that is special to them.

And yes! We offer Kindermusik for children nine months to five years!

Private Instrument Lessons

Kollari’s private lessons are one-on-one, with session lengths varying from the recommended 15 minutes for students 3-5 years old, to 30, 45 and 60 minutes for our 5+ year old students. Kollari’s private lessons range from vocal, piano, violin, cello, guitar, drums, ukulele, to all woodwind and brass instruments. Kollari strongly believes in the value of learning the language of music, and students are encouraged to enroll in our music theory and composition theory classes once they have learned the basics in practicing their instrument, or voice.

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Kollari believes that learning to play as part of a group is an important part of becoming a musician, as well as of social and cognitive development. Students are encouraged to have fun and further their learning by joining Kollari’s string orchestra, choir, jazz ensemble, classical chamber music ensemble, or one of our very own rock bands!

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Early Childhood Education

Kollari’s Kindermusik program is for our youngest musicians. Starting as early as 9 months old, this curriculum focuses on developing basic motor skills with the use of instruments, as well as on developing cognitive and social skills. Head over to our Resources for some groundbreaking research on why music education gives kids an edge in their development, helping them reach their full potential as they prepare to start kindergarten.


What Clients Say

  • “My daughter, Martina, has been educated musically by Yevi and Mimosa Kollari for over 10 years now. They developed Martina’s musical skills and most importantly they showed her to play with passion. The Kollari’s are very dedicated in helping their students grow to become successful musicians and confident persons.”

    James Ortiz Luis

    Vaughan, Ontario

  • “My dream has always been to sing on stage! Kollari Institute of Music has helped me achieve that dream and so much more. The teachers are passionate about teaching and that passion transforms our dreams into reality. I started lessons with Kollari Institute of Music almost five years ago. To date my entire family are taking music lessons with the school… What I love the most about this establishment is the way Miss Mossa and Dr Yevi treat us. We are NOT students – we are their family, their children, and their friends! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for us.”

    Mari Faraone

    Vaughan, Ontario

  • “My children have been attending music lessons at the Kollari Institute of Music for 8 years. I am very pleased with the level of commitment by the staff to engage my children to explore their artistic ability with the piano, guitar and singing. My childrens’ teachers are exceptional in their ability to teach, collaborate, and bring them to new heights! This music school has provided many opportunities for my children to showcase their talents through RCM, music performances, and other opportunities for competitions and band programs. The director Mimosa, has been a pleasure to work with since the first day I walked in. She is flexible, supportive and has helped to motivate my children to learn music in a warm and inviting environment. Thank you for bringing music into my home!”

    Anita Brant-Bonavota

    Vaughan, Ontario

  • “Our children Mark and Naomi have been with the school for more than 15 years and have experienced great teaching in violin and piano. I dare say that Mimosa and Yevi give their very best to each child and are always willing to accommodate requests or address any concerns we may have. Monthly concerts at the school and the annual Christmas concerts at the Richmond Hill Performing Arts Centre provide the students the exuberance of public performance, the pride of personal accomplishment and the focused discipline required for it. You will never sense this school as a business entity. It is a place where music thrives enriching the lives of young and upcoming musicians.”

    Yohani Lewis

    Vaughan, Ontario