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When people are curious about our school they often have a lot of questions. We have many students who had the same things on their minds before they began to study with us.

See below for answers to some of the more commonly-asked questions that we receive.

We have carefully designed our programs with the needs of our many valued customers in mind, in addition to the input of countless years’ worth of experience shared between our instructors. Students are invited to participate in all our learning programs, or focus on the ones that work for them. We also afford our students flexibility as they develop. For example, it’s not uncommon for students to start with private lessons and then move to group lessons once they become comfortable and ready to take their skills to a different level. And yes! We offer Kinder Music for children nine months to five years!

We want YOU to get the most out of your lessons here, so before we get started, we want to meet you and understand your goals. This is a time for us to answer any of your questions, discuss how we can tailor a lesson plan for you, and for us to pair you with your ideal instructor. To maximize your full potential, we need to work together.

This is also a chance to discuss your responsibilities as a student, the expectations of the school and the responsibilities of the parents (if the student is a minor).

The consultation is free!

No experience is required! We excel at teaching students of all levels and backgrounds because our lessons are tailored to suit each person’s specific goals and needs.  In fact, students who are beginners have no pre-established bad habits to overcome, so they often progress quickly!

We don’t believe in delayed gratification, so we start you off playing music right away.
As your abilities develop,  we ensure the music you’re playing is challenging, fun and advances your growth as a well-rounded musician. Throughout your education, we ensure that you’re playing using proper technique and posture to achieve the best possible outcome. Much of your progress, however, depends on dedicated practice outside the classroom. We supply the tools and the blueprint but you will need to put in the work. We firmly believe that the only difference between a beginner and a master is the difficulty of the music.  As a beginner, you will play easier music, but play it well.  As you progress, the level of difficulty will increase as we want you to be rightly challenged as you continue to advance.
You will be always proud of your referral so make a friend happy! Receive a big thank-you from them and receive a $50 gift certificate from us.

Of course! We are always proud to share our specially-designed facility with newcomers and members of the public. Please understand that we can not always get up from what we are doing in order to do this effectively, so please call ahead and schedule a time with us, and someone will be waiting to meet you when you arrive.

If parents wish – and if it doesn’t distract the student’s focus – they may attend lessons with their child. This can help both parents and students learn, especially if parents are helping their children practice while at home.

While different levels of students require differing intensities of practice and instruction, it is recommended that all students come for lessons at least once a week.

During your consultation, be sure to let us know what other activities take up the student’s time, and how much time is available for practice at home.

What Clients Say

  • “My daughter, Martina, has been educated musically by Yevi and Mimosa Kollari for over 10 years now. They developed Martina’s musical skills and most importantly they showed her to play with passion. The Kollari’s are very dedicated in helping their students grow to become successful musicians and confident persons.”

    James Ortiz Luis

    Vaughan, Ontario

  • “My dream has always been to sing on stage! Kollari Institute of Music has helped me achieve that dream and so much more. The teachers are passionate about teaching and that passion transforms our dreams into reality. I started lessons with Kollari Institute of Music almost five years ago. To date my entire family are taking music lessons with the school… What I love the most about this establishment is the way Miss Mossa and Dr Yevi treat us. We are NOT students – we are their family, their children, and their friends! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for us.”

    Mari Faraone

    Vaughan, Ontario

  • “My children have been attending music lessons at the Kollari Institute of Music for 8 years. I am very pleased with the level of commitment by the staff to engage my children to explore their artistic ability with the piano, guitar and singing. My childrens’ teachers are exceptional in their ability to teach, collaborate, and bring them to new heights! This music school has provided many opportunities for my children to showcase their talents through RCM, music performances, and other opportunities for competitions and band programs. The director Mimosa, has been a pleasure to work with since the first day I walked in. She is flexible, supportive and has helped to motivate my children to learn music in a warm and inviting environment. Thank you for bringing music into my home!”

    Anita Brant-Bonavota

    Vaughan, Ontario

  • “Our children Mark and Naomi have been with the school for more than 15 years and have experienced great teaching in violin and piano. I dare say that Mimosa and Yevi give their very best to each child and are always willing to accommodate requests or address any concerns we may have. Monthly concerts at the school and the annual Christmas concerts at the Richmond Hill Performing Arts Centre provide the students the exuberance of public performance, the pride of personal accomplishment and the focused discipline required for it. You will never sense this school as a business entity. It is a place where music thrives enriching the lives of young and upcoming musicians.”

    Yohani Lewis

    Vaughan, Ontario