Who We Are

The Kollari Institute of Music is the Greater Toronto Area’s leader in private music education. Backed by passionate and visionary instructors, our school was founded on the idea that every student that walks through our doors deserves the opportunity to study music in a way that awakens their curiosity and piques their interest. Kollari’s unique education programs were designed by Mimosa and Yevi Kollari PhD, who with a combined 65 years of experience in music education, understand that no one student is alike. The Directors work to pair each student with an instructor that will best suit his or her learning style, and henceforth work to find the perfect pace of progress and opportunities for each student.

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Our History

The Kollari Institute has long-standing roots in the Toronto music community. Supported by passionate educators and motivated students, Kollari has grown from a small local school into one that now nurtures the talent and music education of over 900 students.


Kollari is a positive space where students really feel that they are part of a greater learning community working to develop not only their musical talents, but also cognitive, and interpersonal skills that will last a lifetime.


As the premier music school in Greater Toronto, we consider it our duty to instill in our students a passion for music that will last a lifetime. We teach the language of music in a way that challenges students to express themselves, and to think critically.  At Kollari, our curriculum is wholesome – students not only learn to play an instrument or to sing, they are also taught to embrace an intellectual challenge that leaves them with a sense of confidence and pride that they are able to carry out into all other areas of their lives. Simply put, we are committed to the bigger picture, and we embrace our responsibility to not only raise the next generation of musicians, but the next generation of leaders.


We are always excited to talk about what we do here.

To get started simply fill out our online registration form, and we will contact you to arrange your first Kollari lesson. We are also available by email, and over the phone when we are not teaching, but the best way to get to know us is to come in and introduce yourself! One of our Directors or staff will be happy to meet with you and give you a tour of our facility.


A State-of-the-Art Facility

The Kollari Institute of Music is unlike any other – it was built from the ground up for one purpose, to serve as Vaughan’s music school, and beyond. Leading up to Kollari’s January 2016 grand opening, the Directors worked with the finest team of designers and engineers to create an acoustically superior studio that would provide our students a supreme learning experience. Our two-level center features an open and welcoming layout, with private classrooms, and our very own Concert Hall. This was a passion project for the Directors and to be able to provide the community with this space of study was a dream come true.

The Team

With a combined 65 years of musical teaching experience, Directors Mimosa and Yevi Kollari PhD are multi-instrumentalists who have developed some of Toronto’s finest players and performers. Both musicians from the age of seven, Mimosa and Yevi Kollari (PhD) were blessed to each have had wonderful and passionate educators guide them in their studies. In their shared vision to pass that passion along to the next generation, the two had a dream to startup a musical institution run by musicians, supporting students with the finest of facilities and nurturing their musical, cognitive, and social development. Today, they live that dream, and can be found at the Institute, not only teaching students themselves, but also developing a superior educational community through their handpicked team of instructors.

Steinway Piano Gallery Toronto

Our Partner - Steinway Piano Gallery Toronto

The Kollari Institute of Music is excited to announce that we have partnered with Steinway Piano Gallery Toronto  As a leader in the industry, Steinway Piano Gallery Toronto provides our students with a trusted name and superior quality pianos to master their talents on, and to enjoy during their lessons and practice sessions.

View Steinway Piano Gallery

What Our Students Say

  • “My daughter, Martina, has been educated musically by Yevi and Mimosa Kollari for over 10 years now. They developed Martina’s musical skills and most importantly they showed her to play with passion. The Kollari’s are very dedicated in helping their students grow to become successful musicians and confident persons.”

    James Ortiz Luis

    Vaughan, Ontario

  • “My dream has always been to sing on stage! Kollari Institute of Music has helped me achieve that dream and so much more. The teachers are passionate about teaching and that passion transforms our dreams into reality. I started lessons with Kollari Institute of Music almost five years ago. To date my entire family are taking music lessons with the school… What I love the most about this establishment is the way Miss Mossa and Dr Yevi treat us. We are NOT students – we are their family, their children, and their friends! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for us.”

    Mari Faraone

    Vaughan, Ontario

  • “My children have been attending music lessons at the Kollari Institute of Music for 8 years. I am very pleased with the level of commitment by the staff to engage my children to explore their artistic ability with the piano, guitar and singing. My childrens’ teachers are exceptional in their ability to teach, collaborate, and bring them to new heights! This music school has provided many opportunities for my children to showcase their talents through RCM, music performances, and other opportunities for competitions and band programs. The director Mimosa, has been a pleasure to work with since the first day I walked in. She is flexible, supportive and has helped to motivate my children to learn music in a warm and inviting environment. Thank you for bringing music into my home!”

    Anita Brant-Bonavota

    Vaughan, Ontario

  • “Our children Mark and Naomi have been with the school for more than 15 years and have experienced great teaching in violin and piano. I dare say that Mimosa and Yevi give their very best to each child and are always willing to accommodate requests or address any concerns we may have. Monthly concerts at the school and the annual Christmas concerts at the Richmond Hill Performing Arts Centre provide the students the exuberance of public performance, the pride of personal accomplishment and the focused discipline required for it. You will never sense this school as a business entity. It is a place where music thrives enriching the lives of young and upcoming musicians.”

    Yohani Lewis

    Vaughan, Ontario