President's Message

A Warm Welcome to Kollari!

It is our great privilege to welcome you to Kollari Institute of Music. We are thrilled that you have chosen to discover more about our school.

The start of a musical journey with Kollari provides a unique opportunity to learn from teachers that are both educators and performers. We take pride in empowering our students with critical thinking skills, opportunities for cognitive and social development, and of course, the ability to play music. At Kollari, we witness the benefits that music education has on our students daily. It is this very progress that drives us to lead an educative community in which each student flourishes. 

No matter what your goals are — perhaps for your child to practice music as a fun and explorative activity, or perhaps to look ahead to university music programs — there is a place for you in our community to grow and achieve your full potential.

On behalf of our students, teachers, staff, alumni, and family, we hope you enjoy and benefit from your visit to Kollari.

  – Mimosa and Yevi Kollari, PhD


We consider it our duty to instill in our students a passion for music that will last a lifetime. We teach the language of music in a way that challenges students to express themselves, and to think critically.  At Kollari, our curriculum is wholesome – students not only learn to play an instrument or to sing, they are also taught to embrace an intellectual challenge that leaves them with a sense of confidence and pride that they are then able to carry into other aspects of life. Simply put, we are committed to the bigger picture, and we embrace our responsibility to raise the next generation of musicians. 

A State-of-the-Art Facility

We encourage you to visit the Institute in person.

As educators, we know the importance of environment to the learning experience, and sought to create a space where students could feel confident and motivated in. Whether it’s our in-house Concert Hall or our Kollari sound engineered classrooms, our facilities empower students to further their musical education and gain life-long performing skills. Our motto at the Institute is ‘our school is your school’, and Kollari students are encouraged to take full advantage of the space by booking classrooms for private practice, or our Concert Hall for Family & Friends Recitals. Pictured: Rare Steinway Piano, once belonging to famous composer Clifford Poole, now resides in our Concert Hall, and is enjoyed by all Kollari students. 

Learn From the Best

With over 70 years of combined experience, Dr. Yevi and Mimosa Kollari are multi-instrumentalists who have developed some of Toronto’s finest players and performers. Both musicians from the age of seven, Mimosa and Yevi Kollari (PhD) were blessed to each have had wonderful and passionate educators guide them in their studies. In their shared vision to pass that passion along to the next generation, the two had a dream to startup a musical institution run by musicians, supporting students with the finest of facilities and nurturing their musical, cognitive, and social development. Today, they live that dream, and can be found at the Institute, not only teaching students themselves, but also developing a superior educational community through their handpicked team of instructors.

What Our Students Say

  • We started with Kollari 3 years ago playing piano with school director Mimosa. She’s a teacher and musician from God. If you are looking for professional approach, build good music taste, personal touch, good relationship between teacher/student and nice musical atmosphere don’t doubt – try Kollari

    Inna Froimovich

  • The Kollari family is dedicated to providing a great experience in music education. They care about their students. My family has been taking music lessons at Kollari for several years. Thanks to the great teachers at Kollari, my kids have completed several RCM levels, have acquired a great appreciation for learning music, and have had many opportunities to perform. Their teachers are professional and dedicated. Fantastic facilities. Great concerts year after year. The string orchestra is great!

    T. P.

  • Staff are kind, courteous, professional, and they make learning about music fun. I’m not sure if there is an instrument they can’t handle – I’m just amazed at all the talent in just one place. They hold annual concerts at professional venues also, which gives the kids a true performance experience. What I like the most is that there has been a good balance of focus on the RC material, mixed with popular music, which has really made learning fun.

    Robert Triffo

  • Not only does the Kollari Institute Of Music provide excellent place of practice and learning but also teacher-student relationships that are genuinely invested in the development of skill.

    Stephanie B

  • Both my children attend Kollari and are progressing well. We are very happy with level of attention and care given towards our children’s instructions. I would strongly recommend Kollari to any parent interested in enrolling their children in music lessons.

    Sandro Pelaccia

  • When an Institute such as Kollari Institute of Music can take an international student who is learning to speak english, has zero knowledge of music, severe stage fright and teach them to play and perform that speaks volumes as to the level of professionalism and knowledge the teachers have.
    I love the variety of programs that are offered at the school. Kollari Institute of Music has allowed me to fulfill my dreams of singing in a band by teaching me how to sing, read music and play various instruments at my age. If you think you’re to old to learn YOU’RE NOT! I’m living proof!
    Thank you Dr. and Mrs. Kollari for making my dreams come true and for making all us students feel like family.

    Mari Faraone

  • It’s smart choice to learn music here.

    Julia Xu

  • We are beyond pleased with the progress our children have made since starting their piano, vocal and drum lessons here. The teachers are passionate about what they do and it is reflected in their teaching. You can feel the love for music just walking through the door. We know we made the right choice choosing Kollari Institute of Music for our children.

    Sonya Zachariah

  • This school demonstrates a very strong commitment to music education. My children have been students of the Kollari’s for almost 10 years and without any doubt, they are by far, the best in the business! They have always encouraged my children to seek their potential and to never give up! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Kollari for all that you have done and for all that you will continue to do!

    Linda Vitti

  • I give this school a 10! Kollari has developed an incredible music learning community that is second to none! I really like the teachers and the principals. They really care about the kids. Our family has had a wonderful experience with Kollari Music School. The teachers here are an example in excellence. My children have flourished at this school. The education model here is a fantastic way to encourage the kids into instrument and vocal learning cycle. I would highly recommend Kollari! Awesome school! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Kollari!

    Emma Yang